Yum Cha Sliders #3

I’m glad you all could make it, welcome to my show. The curtains are drawn, and now we have a Doug laid bare. The music hasn’t started since the last act. As I lay here in this vulnerability, I’d like to take a moment to thank you all for everything. I don’t want to bore you with all the horny details, but you know who you are if you’re reading this. The whole point of this is to try to make anyone feel a modicum of the inclusiveness and experience the flooring creativity and passion I’m lucky enough to be constantly surrounded with. If ever I could, IN-FI is my gift + my thanks to you all.

Now time for some fuckin’ sick tunes dog. Okay so this is the first drop after realising the whole thing to everyone and I’m done being vulnerable and WEAK and I’ve got some serious shit for your ears.


Pick of the week:

1. Ron Gallo – Really Nice Guys


The nominal single taken from Ron Gallo’s latest EP, Really Nice Guys, paints a perfectly candid, back of the room surmise of the often brain numbing sameness of modern rock and roll. His exhausted tone breaths into your ear as yet another set of home brand Demarcos take the stage, and you’re left feeling as though it may very well be time for a cigarette. Really Nice Guys is a taste of the concurrent theme throughout the EP; the challenges of being an earnest artist in the farcical modern music industry. As far as a follow up effort to last year’s Heavy Meta, it sounds like Gallo’s been figuring some shit out, and though the seething edge of his razor blade wit is still anxiously present throughout, the cloud of a more directionless anger no longer looms. Which is nice.

For those who enjoy: Parquet Courts, Twin Peaks, Ty Segall


2. The Paranoyds – Freak Out


I was about ready to tear out my eyes when I stumbled across The Paranoyds on the back end of a deathly Bandcamp bender a few weeks ago. Sure I came for the freak show organ groove but I stayed for the actual freak show pre-chorus (and I was on the ground for the violently indistinct growl of a solo (truly echoic of the 60s’ worst guitarists)). Freak out’s cool laziness and the steady simplicity just removes you from that rat race feeling of trying to find the coolest, most complex and subtle piece of work ever and you get back to calling a song a song and a day a day. Listen in the shower. With a strobe. And a robe.

For those who enjoy: Parsnip, The Sonics, Strawberry Alarm Clock


3. No Negative – Eternal Crypt


This track is perfectly psychotic. Heavily stacked delay and differing layers of fuzz fly to concoct a maelstrom of split second panic and energy. The distance of the vocals conjures a hopeless overtone to the track, and together with the defiance of their delivery create a heaving narrative that pushes the noisy soundtrack along, inch by inch. Eternal Crypt really goes, perfect for when you have to stare in the stupid mirror and shave your stupid face. Also pairs well with your next emotional breakdown and a glass of white.

For those who enjoy: Preoccupations, Oh Sees, DIÄT


4. Laura Palmer’s Death Parade – Dawgslut


Hopkins eschews her generally more forlorn and inescapably Pacific North Western brand of psych-folk on Dawgslut, and lets fly the dogs of compressed snare and kick (haha) to deliver some truly powerful melancholy. Lyrically there is some agitated imagery at play here, which coyly retort the playful instrumentation into near absurdity. Hopkins recounts “I was sitting on a fire, I was sitting in a chair in the background… I was waiting for your love,” blending an avid colour of passion and despair throughout the lines drawn by a classic surf-rock backing track.

For those who enjoy: Angel Olsen, La Luz, Ian Sweet, Angelo Badalamenti


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