Yum Cha Sliders #4

Hello. It’s been a while. Not sure why. The note in my phone titled “write some fucking sliders you dumb c***” keeps getting longer. Maybe that’s why. Anyway, you didn’t come here for the rampant self-analysis, you came here for the Cha. Here it is – right now. Comin’ at ya like a heat rash.

1. Martyn – Mind Rain


If you have a decent pair of headphones or speakers, put them in now. Mind Rain finds Berghain resident, Martyn, incorporating Nyabinghi drums into a tight UK Garage beat, married with swirling percussion and snarling synth lines to lull you into a trance that is as much elevating as it is menacing.

For those who enjoy: Honestly I’m not too sure what this is similar to, it ain’t my forte but it tastes great so lap it up.


2. Drug Sweat – Hectic Whipper


At first I wasn’t sure which track between 30 seconds and 2 minutes to choose off this EP; they’re all raucous, tongue-in-cheek odes to the (ahem) highs and lows of drug use. that is, until I heard the line, “Playing with Tim Rodgers/Snorting fuckin’ coke/Snorting hectic whipper/Until we’re fuckin’ broke,” because OF COURSE. The musicality on this track (and across the EP) is in ways nominal, but can also be construed as a poignant spin on the destructive drug culture in Australia. A focus is drawn on the tempo as even the guitars drive alongside the drums and bass as sawtooth synths fly overhead. It’s a sonic warzone out there. So uh, strap in kid because um, I haven’t seen enough war movies to make a good quip. Just bump the damn track.

For those who enjoy: Ausmuteants, Country Teasers, X (aus)


3. Aye Nako – Sissy


While they are still focused on providing dark bangers, fraught with frantic energy and drowning in layers of fuzz, Aye Nako’s 2017 release Silver Haze sees the group dig into more dense and detailed territories, both lyrically and melodically. Sissy is an apt summary on all fronts. At 1:51 it has to be. The manages to build in ferocity endlessly before seamlessly transitioning into the chorus, which seems laconic in comparison. The self-proclaimed “community-oriented, LGBTQ-friendly, anti-capitalist weirdos” have never lacked a directness of message, and this has never been more clear than on Silver Haze.

For those who enjoy: Deafwish, Sonic Youth, Corners


4. Empat Lima – Canteloupe


Empat Lima welcome you to the twisted disco. Canteloupe is a conversation of overlapping rhythmic melodies that drags you across some bizarre desert-scape, before the grace of the setting canteloupe. Stuck between the jittery lead guitar lines and sturdy bass, you are faced with a decision, be trampled or raise your righteous cowbell in the air and venture ever onward with these colourful troubadours of indie-disco rock.

For those who enjoy: Cate Le Bon, Parsnip, Singing Lessons

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