Yum Cha Sliders: entropy is unavoidable (?)

Nothing lasts. It’s true. Time consumes all. Entropy is unavoidable. Sometimes you have to learn to be flexible to reignite that little flame of passion that used to burn so bright. A little role-play may be in order. Or, if you have a music blog, you might rethink your approach to your (what was once intended to be) weekly music suggestion article. It became a chore. I freaked myself out about it. That’s fine.

Now let me clarify, this isn’t some weird thing where you watch someone wrestle with their passions until futility takes over and they’re forced to hang up their headphones, looking back as they turn off the light one last time with a defeated look on their face. Nah, I’m just a lazy buggar.

Maybe the name of the playlist might suggest something bleak, or maybe I’m challenging it with the parenthesised question mark. It’s the latter. The new cha is just going to focus on four songs that share a common theme, which might just end up being the fact that they all rule. I don’t care. Once again, this is Danger’s House baby! Woo!

The theme this week is just four songs. No hassles. No tassels. No frills. Just thrills. Let’s go.

P.S. I realised after I did the whole thing that I forgot to explain that I will no longer be offering in depth analyses of every song I choose to share (much to the intense and bewildered dismay of my legions of fans). I wanna have more fun. Just like everyone else okay? Fuck Bill O’Reilly.


1. Michael Rault – I’ll Be There


Michael Rault shimmers like lens flare on super 8 footage of your parents being cooler than you. A trip down retrograde avenue with more focus on twangy guitar lines than fat bass and synths. I share an affinity with and gratitude for this man that I will reveal at a later date.


2. Robert Wyatt – Pigs… (In There)

Stick it out. The pay off is large. Robert Wyatt was one of the heads of the Canterbury scene and it really shows in his solo material. A charming insight into one of this man’s “five minds.”


3. Wand – Blue Cloud


This is the most beautiful song ever made. Sweeping subjective generalisations are the new bag. Deal with it. This was the song on Plum that won me over on Wand’s new direction that delves deep into staccato, melodic experimentation. Just hit play, this song is tender and ready to serve.


4. Colleen Green – I Like 

Yes I would say I consider myself partial to a love song that opens with the line: “I like smokin’ me some grass.” A sickly sweet pop ditty recommended by the itty bitty committee that decides these things.


Now wasn’t that fun? Peace



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