Yum Cha Sliders: I don’t mean to be all “sensitive, new-age man” about it…

But I’d prefer to go to a baseball game. I ain’t sorry ’bout it.

This here mix is as versatile as it is sweet and sour. Like the many uses of the delicious condiment pictured above.

See you on the other, stickier and more flourescent side.


1. boygenius – Bite The Hand


The announcement of the forthcoming EP from supergroup boygenius is hot off the presses, the group comprising Phoebe Bridgers, Lucy Dacus and Julien Baker (each vastly talented musicians in their own right, go listen to all of their material). Bite The Hand’s sparse arrangement gives room for the intimate harmonies, with which the three carry the song along a tender and savage path. A promising taste of what boygenius has to offer.


2. Omni – Southbound Station


I’ve been meaning to write about Omni for some time. Not only because they are some of the nicest guys in Atlanta (presumably), but they also insistently write trimmed down yet immaculately precise indie rock, reminiscent of Devo or Television. They have so many great songs,  I implore you go and find their discography and put it on shuffle.


3. Huun-Huur-Tu – Chyraa-Khoor (Yellow Pacer)

The masters of traditional Tuvan folk music, Huun-Huur-Tu deliver this enchanting number, layering gorgeously simple melodies and a wandering rhythm. The jarring sound of Tuvan throat singing evokes a distinct and otherworldly charm in their music, and will transport you directly to the foothills of Tuva.


4. clipping. – Shooter


Hard. clipping. are one of the most interesting acts I’ve seen recently, in terms of technical ability but also sheer style I was blown away. Daveed Digg’s rapping style brings to mind the charm and complexity of Andre 3000, and the ferocity of his backing djs (particularly live) is, at times, mesmerising.

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